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Will and Family of William Merbury (Marburie/Marbury), Gent., 1581

Header on the first page of William Merbury's wll

Header on the first page of William Merbury’s wll

William Marbury or Merbury or Merburie, Gentleman, was born about 1524, son of Robert Marbury and Katherine Williamson.  Robert served as yeoman to King Henry VIII’s grandmother in 1509, and in 1517, he was appointed to be serjeant at arms in the Royal Household.  Robert and Katherine only had one known/living child, William, before Katherine died.  Robert later remarried to Agnes Wodfurth(?).  William was the only child listed in Robert’s will dated 28 Jul 1545.  Robert left lands and tenements in Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

William attended Pembroke College at Cambridge University, matriculating at Easter in 1544.  He married Agnes, daughter of John Lenton or Linton about 1545; the couple had nine known children.  In May 1551, he was admitted to the Middle Temple and practiced law for many years.  He was elected a Member of Parliament in 1572 and 1576.  He wrote his will on 22 Jan 1577, and he was buried in May 1581 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.

Two of William’s children had connections with colonial America.  His son, the Reverend Francis Marbury, had two daughters who emigrated with their husbands, and his daughter, Katherine, had at least one son who emigrated.

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