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Emigrants from Insel Pellworm, Nordfriesland: A List

Pellworm MapPellworm is an island off the west coast of what is now Germany.  In centuries past, it was part of the Duchy of Schlesvig, at times ruled by Prussia, at times ruled by Denmark.

In the 2nd half of the 19th century, as in many places in Europe, over-population, lack of opportunity and the wish to avoid forced military service drove hundreds of Pellwormers, individuals and families, to emigrate.  Most went to the United States, though some also left for Australia and South America.

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Nels & Ane Jonasen Sommer – Their Story via Treelines

I recently tried a new genealogy on-line software program called Treelines, which helps genealogists create visual stories to illustrate their ancestors’ lives.  My first attempt at using the software was to create the story of Nels and Ane Jonasen Sommer’s lives.


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