George Agard, William Boughton, a Court Case & a Muddy Ancestry (Revised post)

George Agard, William Boughton court case document

George Agard, William Boughton court case document





Agard Boughton Court Case Transcription Rev 1

This post focuses on the pedigree of the Sutton-Malory-Boughton-Allesley-Agard family detailed in the legal document above (Available from UK National Archives: reference C 1/1495/7, Boughton v Malory), which was provided by George Agard and William Boughton in support of their lawsuit against Joan Malory in about 1495/1510.

First, I will explain what I understand of the pedigree, and secondly, I will explain what I think the actual pedigree is; I don’t think they are exactly the same.

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Getting started

I’m going to take a stab at sharing what I’ve been discovering on various lines in my family, as the findings and mysteries seem so exciting to me!  Postings will occur bit by bit as I find new information and get used to keeping a blog.  I hope you enjoy the ride, too!