Kelly 2013Hello!  My name is Kelly Keegan, and I’ve been doing more focused genealogical research on various branches of my family for 13 years or so, though I was intermittently interested long before that.

I caught the bug from my grandmother, Fern Sommer Keegan, who worked in the letter-writing days to gather family info from far-flung and sometimes suspicious relatives.  Over many years, she produced two books on branches of my grandfather’s family ancestry, the Shorts and the Harfords, as well as helped translate a Danish family member’s genealogy on the Jonasens into English.  She is my inspiration – I just wish I could share all of my findings with her now!

So, instead, I am sharing my findings with you.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the tidbits as much as I do.  Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!



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  1. authorjim

    To use Harry Truman’s words, I read you blog with a great deal of interest. I have a picture of William Short with notes that my aunt wrote saying that he was a brother of my great grandfather, John Short (1816-1890). Her notes also say that there were other siblings; a sister, Sarah, who married Brewster and is buried in Wisconsin, an unnamed sister who married Jimmy Fisher and lived in Wisc. and also a sister, Elizabeth who married William Skinner. My great grandfather, John (1816-1890) did not come to America but his son, William (1860-1923) did. He was a miner all of his life and died from a mine accident. I found William’s memorial on findagrave with memorial #101700747 and Elizabeth Skinner with #83147756. You are welcome to contact me at mailbox@itstriangle.com and I will gladly send you a copy of the picture. This all seems to connect with what you said in you blog and I am rather excited about it. Sincerely, Jim Fuller



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