Nels & Ane Jonasen Sommer – Their Story via Treelines

I recently tried a new genealogy on-line software program called Treelines, which helps genealogists create visual stories to illustrate their ancestors’ lives.  My first attempt at using the software was to create the story of Nels and Ane Jonasen Sommer’s lives.

Nels Sommer's Gravestone

Nels Sommer’s Gravestone

Ane Sommer

Ane Jonasen Sommer’s Gravestone

Nels Anton Severin Sommer was born in Randers, Denmark, in 1853.  As a young man, he  moved to Århus, Denmark, where he met Ane Marie Jonasen, born 1858 in Århus county, daughter of a master tailor.  They married and had two children in Denmark before emigrating to the US, he in Mar 1887, and Ane and children, Carl and  Andrea, following in Aug 1887.

The Treelines software is more a story-telling than a detailed genealogy program, but it allowed me to tell the family’s story in a way I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do.  You can view the file here:

Updated:  7 Dec 2014

Connection to Sommer-Jonasen Family:  Nels and Ane Jonasen Sommer were the immigrant ancestors for the Sommer-Jonasen branch of the family.


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