Henry de Sutton, Esq. (-~1416) – Sources & Ancestry

UK National Archives sources (index):
Debt owed to Henry, £200, at the time of his death, 1418, noting Geoffrey Allesley as an executor:  http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C9534076

Borrowing £16 from a draper, 1377:  http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C9688280  Very early, probably for someone else.

Granting rent in Coventry to two chaplains, 1368-69, mentions a Thomas Sutton:  http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7576217


Secondary sources:

Brown, Cornelius.  (1896)  Averham and Kelham.  In A History of Nottinghamshire.  Retrieved from:  Nicholson, A.P..  Nottinghamshire History:  Resources for local historians and genealogists.  History of Nottinghamshire: Averham and Kelham

Dugdale, Sir William and William Thomas, DD.  The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated: From Records, Leiger-books, Manuscripts, Charters, Evidences, Tombes, and Armes: Beautified with Maps, Prospects, and Portraictures, Vol. 1.  2nd ed.  London:  The Ship, for John Osborne and Thomas Longman, 1730.  Google Books.  Nov 2014.

Ditchford Frary:  The Antiquities of Warwickshire, Ditchford Frary or:  The Antiquities of Warwickshire, Ditchford Frary

Little Lawford:  The Antiquities of Warwickshire, Little Lawford

Fetherston, John (Ed.) (1877).  The Visitation of the County of Warwick in the Year 1619.  London:  Mitchell and Hughes.  Google Books.  Nov 2014.  Visitation of the County of Warwick

Thoroton, Robert and John Throsby.  The Antiquities of Nottinghamshire,: Extracted Out of Records, Original Evidences, Leiger-books Other Manuscripts, and Authentic Authorities. Beautified with Maps, Prospects, and Portraitures, Volume 3.  I. Throsby, 1796.  Google Books.  Nov 2014.

Averham Manor:  Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, Averham Manor

Clifton Manor:  Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, Clifton Manor

Woodger, L. S.  Henry Sutton, (d. 1416), of Ditchford, Warws. and Averham, Notts.  (1993)  In The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1386-1421, ed. J.S. Roskell, L. Clark, C. Rawcliffe.  Retrieved from The History of Parliament, British Political, Social and Local History, History of Parliament Online, Henry Sutton, MP

Revised:  28 November 2015

Connection to Olney-Hooker Family: Henry Sutton was a 10x great-grandfather of Alice Dexter (1705-1779), wife of William Olney (1706-after 1777).


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